Participant of “the Voice” was acquitted in court

Участника «Голоса» оправдали в суде From the artist dropped the charges in the organization of the meeting. The lawyers managed to prove the innocence of Seeds laskina. Last year the musician was detained in Central Moscow for a performance at a street concert.

      Участника «Голоса» оправдали в суде

      Last summer party “Voices” Seeds laskina detained in Moscow and charged that he allegedly organized an unauthorized rally. The fact that the cellist gave a concert on Nikolskaya street. Police saw the crowd that had gathered to listen to the music, thought that semen violate public order. The artist withdrew the tool and charged under article 20.2.2 Cao “entity which is not a public event of mass simultaneous stay of citizens in public places, which caused violation of public order” and ordered to pay a fine of 10 thousand rubles. However, the lawyers took nine months to prove the innocence of the artist.

      “Cellist Semyon Lashkin today found not guilty in the case of “organization of mass simultaneous stay” on Nikolskaya street in June last year. This is when he is on the cello just so were playing out, in a good mood. But at first it was all bad, the Seeds are tied, the cello away, the Tver court, fine. Worked very good lawyers, and did not work for money and not for glory, but out of principle,” wrote lawyer Grigory Vaypan.
      Участника «Голоса» оправдали в суде

      Fans of the group, which acts Simon was glad that the musician has managed to prove his innocence. Last year friends and acquaintances laskina tried to gather as much evidence to help him. They were looking for witnesses who in the court could tell you about what happened on the day when the detained artist.

      “We might be able to find and those few who saw the detention (but the street was so standoffish that it seems impossible). Help to find! This is very important! See all of today’s nonsense, no one wants to believe it, but still no one came out with us! How so? People just were walking, walked in pairs, stayed, someone was shot on the phone, someone was taking pictures. Respond!” – issued requests for similar Seeds.

      Now fans are happy that the artist dropped the charges. Musician Simon Laskin participated in the fourth season of the show “the Voice.” The young man successfully passed the casting, but to get the team to the mentors he has failed – the artist left the program at the stage of the blind auditions.