Appearance mom Alesya Kafelnikov caused heated discussions

Внешность мамы Алеси Кафельниковой вызвала бурные обсуждения Maria Tishkov looks the same age as his daughter. Today in the microblog Alesya Kafelnikov appeared frame with parent. Woman celebrates birthday. Fans of models were discouraged by the beauty of the former wife of tennis player.

Mom Alesya Kafelnikov Maria Tishkov struck followers flourishing. Today a woman turned 43 years, however, as recognized by users of the social network, she looks much younger. Ex-wife Yevgeny Kafelnikov supports heiress in her endeavors, because he understands that having such external data Les will be successful in the fashion world. Maria is a stylist and helps with filming daughter.

In one of the clips that were shared Tishkov, she poses in a photo shoot with the heiress. Both models have similar eyes and chiseled cheekbones. “My admiration for you girls”, “Great shot”, “Bunny”, said members of a stylist.

The birthday of Mary Ales posted a picture of my mom, congratulating her English with a holiday, but soon deleted it. Tishkov often shared in the microblog wise tips that will help other women always look really young.

“Sometimes, looking back, the young girl comes and suddenly she turns – old. And from this contrast, she looks even older. Scary to disharmony, Nezalezhnosti image. I tell my friends to remember this combination and if I ever want to dress up, reminded me of this dramatic situation. I am a supporter of natural color solutions, which we can find in nature. Plenty of them” – shared Maria.

The last couple of weeks, the mother and daughter spent together. Ales left with the mother in Montenegro. The girl is going through a difficult period. Kafelnikov overcome suicidal thoughts and are tormented by depression. The father of the models Yevgeny Kafelnikov indirectly hinted that she even started to have problems with drugs.

“You can’t go back and change your start, but you can start now and change your finish. I’m changing!”, “Appreciate the people who hear your tears, come at 11 o’clock in the morning, take and soothe until 4 am despite the fact that they get up at 8 for work” – such contradictory entries appear in the microblog model.

The girl herself denies that uses drugs. According to her, commenting on prohibited drugs, the father was not talking about her.