Антонио Бандэрас экстренно госпитализирован с болью в груди

Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas was urgently hospitalized with acute chest pain. This is the second such case in recent times, and symptoms of acute illness are the same.

Just two months after the same health problems, Antonio fell into the hands of specialists in a Swiss clinic “Clinique de Genolier”. His girlfriend Nicole Kimpel is in the next room, to be near her lover and see him when the doctors allow.
At the end of March, Banderas had to go to Spain to receive a Lifetime Achievement award Award, but it is unknown whether to allow him to leave the chamber at that time.
Recall that the first time Antonio was in the hospital because of the “increasing chest pain” during exercise. Then his feet were put to the London experts. Whether the training was intensive, or hidden heart problems made themselves felt. Anyway, we hope for a speedy recovery.