Hannah about the conflict with Buzova: “I don’t understand why all this window dressing”

Ханна о конфликте с Бузовой: «Не понимаю, зачем вся эта показуха» The singer performed on the anniversary of footballer Dmitry Tarasov. During the celebration, she managed to say a lot of nice words not only to the celebrant, but his new lady. In the Network appeared the fragment, which Hannah holds Anastasia Kostenko hand. Olga Buzova lashed out at the singer, but her strange attacks teledive.

      Dmitry Tarasov celebrated his 30th birthday in a circle of close friends and acquaintances. The man threw a noisy party in the heart of Moscow. Among the invited guests was singer Hannah. She performed several of his compositions, which the birthday boy and the guests danced and had fun. That evening the attention of the audience attracted new passion participant must be over, Vice-miss Russia 2014 Anastasia Kostenko. The girl accused that she broke up the marriage of a football player with Olga Buzova, behaved relaxed and chatted with all those present. During the execution of one of the songs Hannah invited Anastasia on stage and even took her hand.

      Dmitry Tarasov celebrated the birthday with a new girl

      The frame with the performances of the actress were published online. The captured fragment, Hannah stands next to Anastasia, and the two girls look happy. Members noted that the smile never left the face Kostenko all night. It is obvious that Olga Buzova could not get past this episode and left the artist a comment in which he accused her of treason. “What you were selling. God forbid you be in my place. To hold the headstock Rostov Sha****which took her husband from the family. This place might as well be you. Shame on you. I thought you were different,” wrote Olga. “StarHit” contacted Hannah to see what she thought about the words of the presenter.

      “I don’t understand why all this window dressing from Oli. If she really wanted to discuss with me, you would have written me personally,” – said the artist “StarHit”.

      It seems that Olga Buzova still hard to accept the fact that her ex-husband began a new relationship. The woman is not prepared to react calmly to how cruel the family is resting with her ex-husband. In the meantime, the restaurant, which the player invited friends, was very lubimym place of Dmitry and Olga. They spent there time and even celebrated my own wedding in June 2012. So many fans of former lovers is not clear why the athlete chose to celebrate this place. Meanwhile, the TV host sent the mother of Dmitry Olga lush bouquet of white roses and reported this to the fans. “Thank you son,” has signed a frame aspiring singer.