Антонио Бандерас тайно обручился со своей подругой
Ex-wife of actor approved of his choice.

Antonio Banderas and Naomi Kimpel


As it became
known 56-year-old Antonio Banderas, not attracting to this event are unnecessary
attention, got engaged with his girlfriend
Nicole Kimpel, whom he meets for 4 years.

says one of the friends of the Spanish actor Antonio made the proposal to Nicole
to complete the form. But not before he had introduced Kimpel with his ex-wife —
Melanie Griffith. And so, according to the informant, endorsed the selection of the former
spouse. The fact is that while Melanie went through very difficult divorce from Banderas,
at the end of the process, Antonio has managed to establish with her is quite friendly
relationship. Because of Griffith, which is very important for Banderas, the mother of his only
daughter Stella.

that Roman and Nicole that is a full 19 years younger than the actor, ensued Antonio
in 2014. And, as claimed by evil tongues that this was the last straw
hit his 18-year marriage with Melanie. However, the actor himself denied
such accusations, claiming that in fact
he broke up with Griffith a few months before I met

As for
the engagement of the actor, he’s apparently going to keep it secret,
as an actor do not tend to share information about his personal life. Between
by the way, Banderas, who moved this winter a serious heart attack and
the subsequent operation now, it seems, has fully regained its
health. How could not not notice the guests of the film festival held recently
Ibiza (Spain), Antonio is in quite decent for his age, form.
As he did, defiliruya on the beach in a speedo.