Алле Пугачевой потребовалась помощь медиков в Баку The actress has canceled a speech at the concert of Grigory Leps. According to some, because of the heat of the prima Donna became ill, so she called an ambulance. On the eve of Alla complained about the weather.

Creative evening of Alla Pugacheva, the last on 29 July, became one of the brightest events of the festival “Heat”. The actress appeared on stage in a pink dress and closed the concert with a joint performance with Maxim Galkin. However, fans of the stars were not even aware that because of the creative activity at the Divas started to have problems with health.

Immediately after the concert Alla Borisovna has arrived the ambulance. The star complained about the jumps in blood pressure, which, in all probability, was connected with intolerable heat in Azerbaijan.

In the event period, the air in Baku was heated to 32 degrees Celsius, and in one day it reached and 40º.

Alla Borisovna was not the first victim of the heatwave. Earlier, the guests and the artists of the music festival also became ill. That is why at the close of the event around the concert hall was on duty five ambulances.

According to recent reports, the health of the actress is stable. However, due to health problems Alla Borisovna had to cancel an appearance at the recital of Grigory Leps. The singer had planned to perform the song “I like that you are sick not me.”

At the recital of Grigory Leps has appeared Maxim Galkin, who led the event. However, the situation that occurred with his wife, the comedian refused to comment. It is likely that after the end of the festival “Heat” Alla, along with her husband will return to Jurmala, where he spent the last few months.

The news about the illness of the actress shocked her fans who were quick to wish the band a speedy recovery. Earlier, the singer told that for the sake of speech in Azerbaijan coped with aerophobia. The fact that the star doesn’t like to fly and prefers to travel between cities and countries by road. In Baku, the singer arrived on a private jet and told me that responded well to the road.

Fans of the Divas hope that this unfortunate event will not affect the plans of the stars.