Antonio Banderas “almost killed” caviar

Антонио Бандераса «чуть не убила» черная икра

Red and black caviar – a delicacy, a tend to eat. Was no exception and the actor Antonio Banderas. Appearing in Russia, as he said himself, the actor, for it was obligatory glass of vodka and caviar. But the new movie changed food preferences Antonio. In a painting titled “His name was Benito,” Banderas had to eat so much of this delicacy that desire ever to send at least one egg in your mouth from the stars was gone forever.

The situation was as follows: Antonio played a well-known fascist leader, was a scene where the actor had a spoon to eat black caviar, like in a mess. Unfortunately, one take wasn’t enough, and the scene was repeated several times. After the sixth take, the eggs in it simply ceased to climb. Fortunately, the Director has satisfied one of the scenes.

But a simple aversion to eggs the story is not over. The next day, Antonio had almost ended up in the hospital. The actor felt very ill presumably due to protein poisoning.

Note that since the film has been more than 20 years, but black caviar still remember Antonio is not in the best key for this delicacy now it applies with extreme caution.