Anton Privolnov was forced to close his business

Антон Привольнов вынужден был закрыть свой бизнес
Leading “Control purchase” Anton Privolnov four years ago with his brother and friends opened a cafe “Sauce”, but, unfortunately, his business collapsed.

Антон Привольнов вынужден был закрыть свой бизнес

The average check at the institution was in the region of 1000-1500 rubles, as a result, the cafe has not paid off. Also the problem was with the licence for alcohol, but Anton isn’t worried and full of optimism.

“I’m not upset,’ replied the presenter. In the future I will be wiser. By the way, has already started to look for premises for a new project. Drive around the city, looking around and slowly figure out where and what you can do.”

It is worth noting that in private life men are not going smoothly, in early summer, he divorced his wife Olga, with whom he lived for ten years.

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