Антон Гусев о разрыве с Викторией Романец: «Я люблю ее» After the statement of the former member “House-2” about the breakup, fans are wondering what happened between the lovers. Victoria romanet was told that she no longer lives with Anton Gusev. The man commented on the “StarHit” that he experiences in connection with this situation.

      The second day, the fans of the project “Dom-2” does not cease to discuss the news about the separation of Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev. A young couple suddenly called it off. “StarHit” first reported the sad news. The model told that they have chosen not converged views on life. Vic Romanets: “Anton and I are not a couple anymore!”

      However, Gusev does not lose hope to return to his beloved. He tries to do everything to Victoria forgave him. The man admitted to “StarHit” that are burning in his soul sincere feelings to romanet.

      “I love her and regret that she rarely said it,” shared experiences Anton.

      Meanwhile, Victoria tries to forget about the relationship with Anton. The model intends to bring the tattoo, which he dedicated to elect.

      “The meanest way to dump a woman is to create her conditions under which she will be forced to resign… Black-and-white mood,” wrote romanet.

      Internet users hope that Vika and Anton will still be able to establish a relationship, because they seemed so good together. However, the striking brunette firmly set. She’s already looking for a new home. Anton Gusev: “I even Have no thoughts to return to his Wife”

      “I don’t think I have a problem with that. Today, I spent the night in the mansion, I don’t know if he took my stuff, and said that this evening leave the keys. Maybe he’s with his friends, shared with them, I do not know him. I, of course, would like to meet, talk and what we discuss? I am young, beautiful, I have my own dreams, goals. Whether I forgive him? Don’t even know, because still the residue remains…” – admitted the Romanets “StarHit”.

      After this statement from Victoria, many began to suspect that something was wrong. Some longtime fans of “House-2” found comments in which she discussed with a friend the breakup. According to fans, romanet Gusev suspected that he was interested not just women.

      “I can assure you that no cheating from my side, no it was not. There are other reasons to leave. Can you tell me what this relationship needed more than Anton. The day before yesterday I decided that we shouldn’t be together, something happened that was the last straw,” – said the ex-member of telestroke.