Afrikantov told how he suffered from the tyranny Chueva

Африкантова рассказала, как пострадала от тирании Чуева Still do not cease discussions of the couple’s split. Marina Afrikantov refused to leave the project after the beloved Andrew Chuyev. Now, she plucked up the courage to tell how she really felt close to the chosen one.

      Африкантова рассказала, как пострадала от тирании Чуева

      A week and a half ago Andrey Chuev left TV project “Dom-2”. Despite the fact that he had intended to leave the popular reality show along with his beloved Marina Afrikantov, the girl changed his decision and continued to participate in the program. The man was very worried due to the fact that the beloved did not support it. Grief and despair he even thought about how to escape from life, but soon thought better of it and managed to pull myself together. Andrey Chuev is threatening to settle scores with life from-for Marina Afrikantov

      Marina spoke about how difficult it was to live with Andrew and even shared some details about the tyranny that reigned in their home. According to her, next to her lover she didn’t feel truly happy, as he fully depended on his mood. Afrikantov says that the man did not tolerate disobedience.

      “I often asked myself if I’m happy with Andrew or not. And it turned out that I only happy when Andrei is in a good mood when I agree with everything – when he says something I’m doing, where he went and I when I do not contradict him. He’s in a good mood and everything is fine. But if something is wrong, I Express my opinion or offer advise, God forbid, to make a comment, my life turns into hell” – said Afrikantov.
      Африкантова рассказала, как пострадала от тирании Чуева

      Also, fans have long debated that the couple lived at the expense of girls – the lovers went to rest in Dubai for money Marina. Andrew once asked its subscribers whether they want to know the truth about who was paying for all expenses during the trip. Despite the fact that the followers have expressed real interest, Chuev still keeps silence. However, Afrikantov admitted that the money they traveled around foreign countries. According to Marina, Andrei argued that he spent it all on construction and is now paying the price with debt. Andrey Chuev, “While the haters are sitting on the Internet, we are a Marina in the Seychelles”

      Marina admitted that he kept pondering on how she will develop relationships with the chosen and how they will live together at the perimeter. It was then, according to Africanoboi, she decided to stay on the project.

      “I realized that Chuyev, life will live,” concluded Marina.