Антон Беляев суетится перед родами жены Soon the musician will be the first time father. Anton Belyaev and his wife Julia have a growing family. Now the leader of the group Therr Maitz tries to do everything for the beloved feel surrounded by care and attention.

      The soloist of group Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev preparing yourself for the demanding role. Soon it will be the first time father. Now the man is in exciting anticipation of the birth of the boy. The wife of musician Julia happy, which in may will become a mother. Anton tries to do everything, to surround her with care and comfort. In the air, “OK!” he admitted that he is already preparing to welcome a new family member.

      “Yes, there is a lot of planning, yet it’s chaos, I think it will be so” – said Belyaev.

      Recently, Anton has decided to make life easier on his wife and make her sleep more enjoyable. He gave her a special pillow so she can truly relax. “How sweet to fall asleep in the secure embrace my new love – soft pillows for pregnant women. All in all a very cozy nest,” wrote the wife of the artist in the microblog.

      Fans love to watch the wife of Anton Belyaev and take the weapons some tips that can be useful to them in maternity.

      Julia with her husband has not yet decided on a name for the future baby and also with the hospital where their first son was born. Some friends recommended them to go in Miami, as do many celebrities, or Barcelona, others suggest to go to the Maldives or Mexico. However, the expectant mother seems to want to stay in Russia. She hopes that in may, when the time comes to give birth, will settle in the capital of the beautiful weather.

      Eighteen months ago, the couple rested on Maldah. Anton Belyaev gave his wife an unforgettable vacation. They had a great time on Paradise island and enjoyed the solitude. The musician understands that after the appearance in the family of the kid his life will change dramatically. He believes that the little heir is going to make him be more responsible adults. Yulia is in a buoyant mood and enjoy the pregnancy, as she had long dreamed about the baby. The wife of the musician is very worried about the creative achievements of the spouse, and so glad that their baby will be in this year. The expectant mother is not, as would have been the fate and career of Anton, if the child was born a few years ago.