«Человек-муравей и Оса»: с прицелом на «Мстителей-4»
What is remarkable superhero film — the first of the two forerunners of all anticipated continuation of the “infinity War”.

«Человек-муравей и Оса»: с прицелом на «Мстителей-4»

Photo: a scene from the movie “ant-Man and Wasp”

After the third “Avengers” (Avengers: Infinity War), passed with triumphant success, the audience was left with dozens of questions. Why doctor strange unexpectedly gave the stone time Thanos for the sake of Tony stark? Why Marvel studios “killed” so many characters? Where after clicking titanium gone “sprayed” half of the population of the universe? What happened to the glove of infinity? Why in the “infinity War” absent Hawkeye and ant-Man?

Fans multiply a thousand theories on this, and the head of Marvel Studios
Kevin Feige just smiles enigmatically and shrugs, even stronger
fueling the already over-the-top interest. Accurate answers to these questions, fans will get a year, and while we can only speculate how will it affect the plot of the film “the Avengers-4” two of its film precursor. The first one is “ant-Man and Wasp” — will be released later today.

Survivors of “spraying”

Despite attempts Feige intrigue, fans already knew that bit the dust the superheroes are gone forever. After all, in 2019 and 2020 years are already planned out, the rebooted “spider-Man 2” and “Guardians of the galaxy-3”, where the role traditionally play the stars, bringing the Studio billions. It’s — “Spiderman” by Tom Holland and “guardians” Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana — the heroes of which “were lost”, but apparently, not permanently, “the infinity War”.

However, it will be the fourth phase of the Marvel cinematic universe. The third will culminate in “the Avengers-4”, where after defeating the all-powerful Thanos, the number of superheroes, most likely, still be diminished. Chris Evans has already stated that this will be his final one, the tenth, the appearance in the role of Steve Rogers. It is also said that this will be the last joint Studio project, and their main stars — Robert Downey Jr., for more than 10 years performing the role of one of the favorite characters — Iron man.

In the opinion of the fans, it was stark saved from
certain death Dr Stranger on the planet Titan, and will be given
a major role in restoring peace after the “balancing” click Thanos.
And to help him will most likely be “called out of reserve”
Ant-man, Scott lang. It is dedicated to him coming out today on
Russian movie screens superhero belt. Just note that its plot is developing between the events of “Confrontation”, where lang picked a side
Steve Rogers, and “the infinity War”, after which he
apparently, will avoid the “spraying”.

With an eye to the future

«Человек-муравей и Оса»: с прицелом на «Мстителей-4»

Photo: a scene from the movie “ant-Man and Wasp”

“Ant-man and Wasp” (Ant-Man and The Wasp) is the sequel to the first part of the movie, released in 2015 and has collected in world hire more than $519 million — pretty average by the standards of Marvel amount. The main role of the hapless safecracker who became a superhero with the help of a miracle-suit, changing growth — the third time was performed by Paul Rudd. Its partners are well-known for the first part of Evangeline Lilly (hope van Dyne “the Wasp”) and Michael Douglas (the Creator of the suit, Dr. Hank Pym).

As you know, with plot, special effects, music, and humor in Marvel everything is always perfect. So enjoy the second “ant-Man” is guaranteed. However, many fans will be to disassemble the film is literally brick by brick, hoping to find in it important points or advanced technologies, which hypothetically can be used to gain an advantage in the final battle with Thanos, or to release the missing heroes.

The most ardent fans of Marvel comics are sure that the upcoming film will prodemonstrirovana time travel or
moving to a parallel dimension — actions that can change
the balance of power in future “Avengers”. However, while this is all fan theory, and
decide whether the Studio to show such moments or not — the audience will learn after
the Russian premiere of the film about the new adventures of ant-Man.

Who on the newcomer?

Captain marvel possesses incredible powers and is likely to be the decisive trump card in the fight with Thanos (the superhero plays the charming brie Larson)


To the delight of the fans, “ant-Man and Wasp” — not only the harbinger of a fourth “Avengers”. As you know, in the scene after the credits of “infinity War” breaks down the molecules of Nick fury manages to send out a distress signal, and he was adopted. Whom it was intended? The most dedicated fans of Marvel comics immediately determined that interplanetary esemes, former Director of the organization “shield” was meant for the viewers superhero, Carol Danvers, better known as Captain marvel.

Solo the film is about Carol, a woman fighter pilot (it will play the actress brie Larson), who after a collision with the aliens gained superpowers, but then left the Earth — after a series of postponement of the release will be released in March of 2019 — two months before the as-yet-untitled fourth “the Avengers”.

The film’s plot “Captain marvel” will be developed long before “infinity War”, but with an eye on the events that will happen after clicking Thanos. After all, Carol Danvers and Scott lang will be the main reinforcement for post-spraying of superheroes, who will not only return the half of the population of the Universe, but also to take revenge on the “great equalizer” of Thanos in the upcoming film today — the superhero film “Avengers 4”, which the world will see in may 2019.