Анна Шульгина высказалась по поводу инцидента с Марой Багдасарян Artist harshly criticized the young girl. In the “live” guests discussed the behavior of Mary Baghdasaryan, who is currently corrective work. Motorist repeatedly violated the rules of the road.

      Анна Шульгина высказалась по поводу инцидента с Марой Багдасарян
      Анна Шульгина высказалась по поводу инцидента с Марой Багдасарян

      Until now, the public discusses the behavior of the 23-year-old girl Mary Baghdasaryan. Racer repeatedly violated traffic regulations and have them race on the roadway. However, after many ships not long ago, she had to pay about a million roubles of fines. What’s more, the girl will have to go through 595 hours of community service.

      Experts in the Studio began a stormy discussion, Mary. Some believed that the girl realized her mistake and realized that he was wrong. However, some suggest that a racer from a wealthy family can continue to break the rules of the road. Singer Anna Shulgina, age Baghdasaryan, can’t imagine that a grown man avoiding responsibility for their actions.

      “I don’t understand why so many nurse around it, when the girl is 23 years old, she’s an adult. I work with 17 years old, at 19 he graduated from the Institute, I have long consider myself an adult, – says Shulgin. I don’t understand why it’s all hitting and making excuses. She should be held responsible as an adult. If she handles and gives the car that if she leads a luxurious life at the expense of parents, not yourself, so let it bear responsibility.”
      Анна Шульгина высказалась по поводу инцидента с Марой Багдасарян

      Boris korchevnikov have focused on the fact that Anna can also be attributed to the number of “Golden youth” – she is the daughter of famous singer Valeria. However, Shulgin was told that he would not allow himself to violate the rules of the road and over a four-year driving experience it was never evacuated, and she had few fines.

      The lawyer and close family friend Mary Bagdasarian David Kemularia acquitted his client and said that the expensive cars that were bought for her father, had to manage the drivers hired specifically for girls. However, she constantly asked them to give her the opportunity to get behind the wheel, and they are fearing layoffs, concessions. According to the lawyer, a racer and suffers from epileptic seizures, so it atzet very worried.

      Moreover, defender Mary said that she is a very open and trusting person. She gave his car to friends, but because, in his opinion, most of the penalties has nothing to do personally is irrelevant.