The creators of “In search of don Quixote” responded to accusations of plagiarism

Создатели «В поисках Дон Кихота» ответили на обвинения в плагиате A popular program of travel, which are the leading Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Pozner became the subject of serious litigation. Video blogger from Kazakhstan demanded from the First channel of monetary compensation for the illegal use of its archival material in one of the latest releases. Project managers have already apologized to the girl and promised to rectify the situation.

      Создатели «В поисках Дон Кихота» ответили на обвинения в плагиате

      “In search of don Quixote” – educational program about travel, which enjoys great popularity among viewers. Leading the project, Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Pozner travel around the world and talk about their experiences, share interesting facts and communicate with the locals. A few days ago came the release dedicated to the Spanish city of Barcelona. In the small episode of the ether described the Day of independence of the Catalan capital. The creators of the program as additional material used in the clip, borrowed from the Kazakh new Alina Mustafina.

      As soon as she looked at the program, she was surprised that “In search of don Quixote” mounted on the air its video, not pre-discussed it with the author himself works. Initially, the wearer of the Network refused to believe what happened, but then decided to require compensation in the amount of 10 thousand dollars from the First channel on which the broadcast transmission. The project was directed by Vladimir Spirin, learning about the incident, tried immediately to solve the problem.

      “We figured out and found out that Yes, indeed, among the materials devoted to Day of independence of Catalonia, which we took from the Spanish channels, film editor used footage owned by YouTube user Alina Mustafina. It’s our mistake, not deliberate, but nevertheless a mistake. We apologize to the author of the video, will contact her personally and I will rectify this in the online version of the project and in future ones on, if the project will be repeated”, – said the man “StarHit”.
      Создатели «В поисках Дон Кихота» ответили на обвинения в плагиате

      By the way, It’s Ivan and Vladimir Pozner are not engaged in the installation of the program, so the use of a fragment of the blog Mustafina could not know. Anyway, as they are transfer, the charges were sent directly to the celebrities and the First channel including. It is recognized that in addition to leading in the creation of the material involved a large number of other professionals who for some reason do not specify authorship under one of the rollers.

      The episode borrowed from the works, was well smontyrovano in the plot, so if you look there are no thoughts of using the additional roller. But Mustafina could not see the fragment recorded it personally. The girl was very unfortunate that the creators of “In search of don Quixote” I do not have her name under the video and also not mentioned it in the credits at the end of the transfer. Alina believes that they at least should provide a link to its online channel on YouTube. First channel reported: currently, the girl has no claims to the authors of the film.