Анна Семенович рассказала маме о своей страшной болезни
The singer shared the secret.

Anna Semenovich in the Studio of the show “My hero”

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “My Hero”

Anna Semenovich was the chief guest of the Studio “My hero”, which is the leading Tatyana Ustinova. During the conversation singer, vspomnila how she was the reincarnation of a skater in the show star-business. The actress admitted that it took her approximately one year to go onstage in the group “Brilliant”, to pluck the applause of the audience and feel confident on stage.

At the beginning of Anna’s career and thought about the reverse side of fame. But gradually over Semenovich began to hunt paparazzi, and representatives of the “yellow press” who were willing to go on behalf sensations about her. For example, Anna recalled an unpleasant fact of life by deception when her mother learned of the terrible disease her daughter.

This case took place in 2008, when Sobyanin took part in the show “Ice age”. Shortly before the next performance, the singer fell ill with pneumonia and five days spent in the hospital. On the day of the recording of the next release of TV program Anna was discharged and went on shooting. However, in the evening she was called by the unknown and, having presented by employees of medical institution told S. about it being an extremely poor test results.

“She said, “I got your tests — they’re terrible. You are all in terrible condition.You are all very bad and you must return to the hospital!” After I called my mom and asked tomorrow to bring me food to the hospital. My mother and the result spoke for two hours. She cried, like any mother, worried for her child…” said Anna. S. Packed up and were ready for another hospital, but when she appeared in the doorway of his office, he was surprised to see her. It turned out that the singer was talking to the attackers, who specifically called her to do a few shots of the actress in the hospital.

Sobyanin admitted that he was shocked by the unscrupulousness of cheaters and still do not understand how could so cruel to do that to a girl.