Анджелина Джоли изолировала детей от Брэда Питта в новогоднюю ночь
The actress has children with a “real New Year”.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


Since then,
as Angelina Jolie has announced her divorce from brad pitt, it is almost
appears in public. And the actress’s acting so secretive that even
the most crafty paparazzi rarely manages to track her down. No one’s even sure
didn’t know whether Jolie are still children
the house in Malibu, which she rented after the scandal, or
she carried his children somewhere else.

New New Year’s eve, paparazzi still managed
to locate Jolie. It turned out, the trail of Angelina showed up…
Colorado! She was caught with children while shopping in a small town in this
state. How did you find the reporters, the actress came here with family for a couple
days before the New Year. Apparently, she decided to give children “real”
New year, because in winter, favored by Angelina place are quite solid
the drifts, so that the appearance of Santa Claus on reindeer looks here
more naturally. About it reported the Internet-the edition usmagazine.com.

Children and
the actress looked, if not cheerful, then at least quite satisfied. And
here’s brad pitt anywhere near was observed. As far as we know, New
The year he spent alone as the day
Thanksgiving and Christmas… But how did the scout informants publications
shortly before Christmas, pitt still fortunate enough: Angelina allowed him
for a while to see the kids, so he could give them their gifts. However,
the date was brief and, as before, was held under the supervision of
psychologist-consultant as prescribed by the interim agreement, which
signed pitt and Jolie. Say, the actor is terribly misses his children and still
lost hope to get joint custody of Angelina’s adorable children.
Will the brad to achieve your desires, we will know very soon:
the court, which will determine the outcome of divorce proceedings should take place in
January 2017.