Anna Semenovich told about the terrible consequences of the operation

Анна Семенович рассказала о страшных последствиях операции The artist had to go to the doctors on the road. Anna Semenovich told the fans that actually was the cause of her slightly rounded tummy, which many took to be the long-awaited pregnancy.

Last week, Anna Semenovich, addressed the audience in Astana and Alma-ATA. The actress chose a short, fitted black sequined dress with a provocative slit. The followers noticed that the singer’s rounded tummy and happy for a possible interesting situation. Fans look forward to when 37-year-old Sobyanin will become a mother, but because at every opportunity attributed to her pregnancy. Curvy Semenovich in extreme mini caused a stir in the Network

But Anna was quick to refute the rumors. As it turned out, the celebrity recently went to the hospital.

“The rounded belly – a consequence of the recent operation, which I was forced to do for health reasons. Busy schedule and responsibility to the viewer is not allowed to rehabilitate a hundred percent, and there was a complication. Swelling of the abdomen and the associated unpleasant consequences. Thank you very much Dr. in Alma-ATA, which immediately reacted professionally and took the situation under control. Guess that could be. Thank God – no threat to health”, – said Sobyanin to the fans.

The followers were surprised by this news. They didn’t even notice that their idol had to seek help from doctors speech she held as usual. Fans wished the actress a speedy recovery.

Anna, in turn, promised that she will have to gentle way of life. Sobyanin hopes soon to get back in shape and fully recover your health. The singer also commented on a possible pregnancy. According to star, she next year she will think about how to give birth to a first child.

“I am pleased that many are actively watching my personal life, participate in debates, give advice. Once again let me remind you that this is only my personal part of life, and I respect that. But still don’t want to mislead you and declare with all responsibility that I was not expecting a baby actively this issue I plan to do next year. Wasn’t planning to make a topic for everyone to see, but the number of calls and questions forcing me to explain”, – told the artist followers.