Anna Semenovich is ready to forgive infidelity

Анна Семенович готова простить измену The singer said in any case, a man can count on her mercy. Anna herself was faced with many situations in my life, but never gave up. Feeling sorry for myself — losers, says the mayor.

      Анна Семенович готова простить измену

      Many women dream to be like Anna Semenovich. Recently, the star appears not only as artist, but also the coach, telling the ladies about how to become more confident, learn how to live better and to build relationships with men. Anna is sure: they must be based on truth, otherwise it will not work.

      According to the mayor, if you try to hold on to beloved different methods, he will sooner or later go away and if the other half will change, but will ask forgiveness — it is honest and commendable.

      “I think that can be forgiven only fleshly adultery, if the man drank, slept, but then repented and asked for forgiveness. If he lives with one, and on the side builds a relationship with the other and he lacks the fortitude to say that the love is over, it is cowardice and betrayal, to forgive that is impossible,” — says the artist.

      Anna also admits that philosophically relates to the failures that she had enough for her entire career. S. says: bad luck allows a person to come to new insights, to acquire experience and to begin all with a blank face, trying to avoid previous mistakes. The artist prefers long not to get upset at one point or another. She can call close friends and tell all, but “hang” for a long time in this state — not Hannah. Feeling sorry for myself — losers, says the mayor, and the reasons of the occurred trouble is better to look in yourself, not in others.

      At the moment, the singer focused on growth and development and wishes the same to others. She chose a career over marriage and children, but someday hopes to start a family, just everything has to take its course. However, Anna did not forget about his personal life. The singer told that she is not alone.

      “For me now at the forefront of – life, creative, career growth. And I want to grow up… I’m still a young woman and quite a wise man. I don’t push love away don’t lock people in. I was never lonely. And now in my personal life all is well”, — said Sobyanin

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