Анна Семенович не собирается худеть The actress is absolutely happy with her figure. According to Anna Semenovich, she elastic skin, pumped muscles and almost no cellulite. The singer made a point to work out regularly in a gym to keep in shape, so to lose weight it is not necessary.

      Анна Семенович не собирается худеть

      One of the most discussed topics some time ago there were some changes in the shape of Anna Semenovich. The fact that users of social networks have been amazed at the images posted by the ill-wishers of the singer, where a woman like her, sunbathing on one of the foreign beaches. The stranger, having obvious problems with being overweight, many then took Anna Semenovich, but that, in turn, hastened to assure the public that has no relationship to the placed photos. Later, the star even published the video evidence that her body is in perfect order. However, many then suggested that Anna wore slimming underwear to hide flaws, but these conjectures itself Semenovich did not comment on.

      This time the singer stated that he is completely satisfied with her body and, despite the fact that slender itself can not be called, it is absolutely comfortable. Specifically to lose weight, exhausting themselves with diets and severe physical stress Anna has no plans, but still recognizes that nutrition, as well as to always be in good shape, she’s watching.

      “What is leanness? 48 or 58 pounds? Everyone has their own opinion, – said Sobyanin. – We can’t all be supermodels! In ordinary life, you either look or you don’t. And how much you weigh, it doesn’t matter. We need to be healthy, beautiful and happy – that’s the main task of every woman. I’m a girl in body, but I think her figure is beautiful, my pumped muscles, elastic skin. Almost no cellulite is through cardiovascular exercise, massage, algae wraps and mesotherapy”.

      By the way, the artist can not do without strict adherence to the diet. The star follows all the advice of experienced professionals, who recommend eating at certain hours in small portions. This, according to Anna, allows her to not gain weight and be always well-fed. “Calories don’t consider, but roughly know what I can and should eat. Small portions is at least three times a day. For lunch you can eat fish, some rice and vegetable salad. I eat dessert every day, but only at certain times, from 16 to 17 hours. Taught me that in a detox clinic in Switzerland. In this period of time the sweet produce serotonin – the hormone of happiness. However, there need not loaf sugar, but, for example, a smoothie of banana, walnuts and dark chocolate,” Anna shared the experience in an interview with HELLO!.

      It is noteworthy that many fans Semenovich regularly compliment her about her appearance and recognize that the singer looks very impressive at any weight. In addition, many believe that a woman is beautiful only when she feels comfortable.

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