Anna Semenovich has hinted at a new romance

Анна Семенович намекнула на новый роман The singer returned from vacation in the Maldives. Bright staff leave, the artist actively shared with fans in Instagram. In Moscow Anna told the fans that woke up in bed with a stranger.
Анна Семенович намекнула на новый роман

In early may, Anna Semenovich gave myself a little vacation. The actress went on vacation to the Maldives in the company of her friend Anastasia Grebenkina. Blonde actively spend time: a lot of swimming, sunbathing, dancing on seaside, and the hotel even swam near the sharks.

Before Anna returned to the capital, what immediately informed fans. The actress hinted that he had brought from home an interesting souvenir.

“What have we not brought from home: someone unseen fruits and delicacies overseas, someone polceman of strange Souvenirs. Some are limited to another magnet on the fridge. One I, as always, excelled! I Wake up in the morning after a difficult flight, and then…” – said Sobyanin.

Novels abroad Anna not happen the first time. Last fall, Anna has toured to Greece, where he brought not only chocolate tan, but vivid memories. At the concert the singer put the eyes of local businessman Stefanos, which has serious financial assets in Athens.

“First in my room every day began to appear gorgeous bouquets of roses” – said the artist “StarHit”. Accustomed to the attention of fans Semenovich didn’t even think about the fact that an anonymous admirer will dare themselves to wraps. But after a few days Stefanus invited her to a fancy restaurant. Anna agreed. The next day the couple went on a trip to the Islands on a boat of a boyfriend. Anna Semenovich has an affair with Greek millionaire

Another surprise for the singer from the lovestruck men began booking suites in the best hotel of Athens in her name for the next 50 years. This gesture cost the businessman of almost one million euros. But now Anna could visit the ancient city when she pleases. Anna tries to hide his personal life, but “StarHit” found out that the attentions of a Greek very pissed off another fan of the stars, a Swiss entrepreneur, who has two years seeking reciprocity from a singer. He flew to Greece to visit the mayor, but finding her in the hotel bar in the company of another, scandal.

“Men have a fight – told “StarHit” the hotel Alex. – I colleagues had to break it up. Anna left the bar in the company of Mr. Stefanac, they spent a few more days. And the second gentleman left us the next morning,” said Alex.