Анна Семенович стала художником
The singer decided to change his profession.

Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich spend their holidays in Bali. Singer
love this island not only for the warmth, sunshine and amazing beauty of the ocean, but also for creative
atmosphere. For example, S. so inspired by the local scenery that she took
a brush and began to paint…. “In Bali
I want to do, and I do, — says the singer. —
He wrote his first film “the Choice of the Soul.” We are in every moment of our
life choose, where to go, what to do and that create your reality.
You can do it, always striving for love and light or fall, is the choice of everyone

Of course, the artist decided to show his creation to the world and presented in
his microblog a picture. “Do not judge strictly, I am an aspiring artist” — signed photo of the mayor.

As well as many stars of Russian show business, Anna
Semenovich published in his microblog photo in a bathing suit. And
the amazement of fans, he showed a very trim and slim
figure. “Moments of bliss, how long do I
waiting for the return to Bali, for me it’s a magical island! So, Mr.
the wizard, to the wonders of the willing” — not hide his feelings the star.