Анна Седокова водит дочь по клубам The singer has visited with Alina popular place in Moscow. Anna Sedokova had dinner with the heir in one of night institutions of capital. The mother and girl were satisfied with the evening spent together.

Famous singer Anna Sedokova frequently tells fans about the events of his personal life, as well as share with them photos with the children. The actress is proud of the successes of daughters and a son, and often shows subscribers how they spend their time. Over the weekend Anna had arranged dinner in one of night clubs of the capital. 13-year-old Alina went to a bar with my mother.

“That’s the time when I came in “Simachev” with my daughter. And, you know, what can I say? It’s really cool when you have such a Mature and cool girl!” – shared her emotions Sedokova.

Fans of the actress admired her beauty and say that Alina is very similar to it. “Yes, it is cool when you’re a young mother”, “What are you beauty”, “I’d always thought that such an adult daughter!” – wrote the singer’s followers.

Alina does not deny that she was pleased to spend a lot of time with my mom. Girl talks to Anne confidentially, and sometimes even gives advice. Besides, the oldest daughter helps her mother to babysit little Hector.

Middle daughter Sedokova Monica is now with his father Maxim Cherniavsky. The star admitted that really misses the baby.

“We miss our Manicki, but we believe that all this is temporary and everything will be all right! Love always wins! Someday I will tell you everything, and while we really miss you and send rays of happiness and goodness to those whom they are now necessary and important,” wrote the singer in the microblog.

Sedokova is trying to explain to daughters how to learn, because sometimes they refuse to do homework. As the father of Alina Vyacheslav Belkevych passed away a few years ago, the singer had to make every effort that the child does not feel deprived of attention and care.

“I try not to give in and be tough. She always was and mom and dad, I have to be quite strict, although I hate that Ala does well, she’s five, is seriously engaged in tennis… But she really needs an incentive, next to peers who want to achieve much,” said Anna.