За Анной Седоковой ухаживает новый возлюбленный
The singer boasted a gift from a mysterious admirer.

За Анной Седоковой ухаживает новый возлюбленный

Anna Sedokova not used
to be alone. Since its parting with previous young man less than a month, and the heart of the singer seems to have been again occupied. The other day
Anna has published a gorgeous gift from your new mystery fan.
The picture shows a bouquet of red and white roses, laid out in the shape of a heart.

In the caption to the photo
Sedokova did not disclose all the cards and write from whom the bouquet, but the fans
I’m guessing the singer definitely has a new follower. Fans fell asleep
Anna questions about new Beau, but it is what keeps the intrigue and does not
in a hurry to submit it to the General public.

Photo: @Instagram annasedokova Anna Sedokova

The suspicion that Sedokova broke up with dancer Sergei Guman, appeared at the end of may. Then the singer suddenly ceased to publish a joint photo with a young man. Later Anna told me that their relationship could not stand the constant separations due to her busy tour schedule. Fans fact the breakup was extremely upset: Sergey made friends with two daughters of the singer — Alina and Monica. He tried to help Anna to take care of the children, seemed a good father. By the way, after posting a picture of the bouquet among loyal fans there was also the version that the singer still made up with Sergei and on the occasion of the reconciliation that he gave Anna a beautiful bouquet.

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