5 best roles of Anton Elchine

5 лучших ролей Антона Ельчина
The most interesting work of the actor, who died at the age of 27 years.

5 лучших ролей Антона Ельчина

Anton Yelchin

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The Russian-born actor Anton Yelchin, who died June 19 in a tragic, to the end not found out circumstances, for 27 years, life had been amazing: starred in more than 60 films. And his first role in the TV series “Er
help” he played in 11 years.

Although a significant part of his work — not too large
role, he has worked on a film set with Robert De Niro, Robin Williams and Anthony Hopkins. By the way, Hopkins, who
met with Anton on the set of the film “Hearts in Atlantis”
2001, was deeply impressed with the talent while still very young actor. For
the role in this movie Anton was awarded the “Best young actor of the year”. Yelchin, by the way, could play a Harry Potter — his sample was highly appreciated by the producers of the legendary Saga about wizards. And although the role eventually went to Daniel Radcliffe, the career of the young native of Russia still confidently walked up the hill. Remember the most
significant role a talented actor.

Terminator: salvation(2009)

5 лучших ролей Антона Ельчина

Shot from a film “Terminator: Yes come Savior”

In this film, Anton got the role of Kyle Reese, a brave fighter with robots, and father of the main character — John Connor in his youth. According to Elcina, he considered it a great honor to take the baton from Michael Bina and to play a character already included in the history of cinema. Anton was very pleased with this experience and repeatedly said that he was pleased to star in the blockbuster, which, moreover, “was that play.”

Alpha Dog (2006)

5 лучших ролей Антона Ельчина

A scene from the movie “alpha Dog”

Although the film’s budget can not be compared with the “Terminator”, is, according to many critics, one of the most prominent roles Alcina. Here he brilliantly played a 15-year-old Zack Mazursky. According to the script, Zack takes hostage the leader of the gang, because brother Mazurskie had the temerity to owe gangsters a large sum. Stolen manages to feel sympathy for the kidnappers and wants to be like them… Yelchin brilliantly coped with this difficult role.

Star trek

5 лучших ролей Антона Ельчина

A scene from the movie “star trek”

Anton had a chance to play in the three parts of the legendary franchise, the movies “Star trek (2008), “star trek: Nemesis”(2013) and “star trek: Infinity” (2016). Before the premiere of the latest, as well as to large-scale celebrations of the 50th anniversary of “star trek”, Peter did not live just a few weeks.

In this movie series Alichino got the role of the Russian character Pavel Chekhov. In the first movie it is an ordinary pilot, however, with the abilities of a telepath. The hero Anton was loved by the audience and in the following parts: he has “grown up” posts of scientist and engineer whose shoulder the repair of the complex fantastic device.

Fright night (2011)

5 лучших ролей Антона Ельчина

A scene from the movie “fright Night”

“Vampire” movie where Yelchin played a major role. The character of Anton high school student Charlie Buster. Everything in his life, it seems, is exceptionally well: he has a girlfriend, he is popular with classmates. But everything changes when he gets a new suspicious neighbor. Looking closer to him, Charlie with horror finds that he is a vampire! However, when Buster talks about his discovery, no one believes him. Charlie undertakes a mission to deal with it alone…

Only lovers left alive (2013)

Frame from the film “only lovers left alive”

Anton liked to play in a not too big budget, but the original movies — such as this one, where it was directed by Jim Jarmusch, one of the masters of independent cinema. “Lovers” is another vampire story, however, this time the protagonist is not a student, a musician, played by British actor Tom Hiddleston. Anton got in this film the role of the charming young men of Jena, weaknesses and strengths which are in the surrounding.

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