Анна Седокова намекнула на разрыв с возлюбленным
The singer openly spoke about a new relationship.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova has worried fans by posting on
page in the social network intriguing post in which she turned to the mysterious

“Today I met a guy, — says the singer. — He was cute,
intelligent, assured and erudite. He showed genuine interest. And we have
all could happen. Here are just a nuance. Six times he used the girl’s name,
which met two years ago. Come on, are you serious? I respectfully
you’ll never enter into competition with the unknown beauty,
you wounded soul many years ago. And to prove that I’m better. And even if it
so, I will never spend time on the foreplay, if I have
there is an option to build a house from scratch. So here’s a tip for all of us. Your
the past is interesting only to yourself. And it should stay in the past. And
if for so long you don’t let go, then run to her, marry her and
do the kids. But it’s a different story. And mine will be new and

Fans immediately began to discuss the revelations of the stars. Moreover,
interested fans of the singer not so much ephemeral new young man,
how much, where did the constant companion of Anna — dancer Sergei Gomanyuk. Dozens
questions from subscribers: “You really broke up?”, Anya ignored.

guess the fans like the truth. Subscribers have noticed that Anya is not
laid out a joint picture with her lover for several months. But before
Sedokova was doing it almost every day.

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