Эксклюзив: первая подводная съемка Ивана Янковского
In the film “the Source” the actor had to work on the brink of human capabilities.

Эксклюзив: первая подводная съемка Ивана Янковского

Ivan Yankovsky

Photo: photo courtesy of the film company Solis Movie

The representative of the famous continutiy confidently
included in the top list of the most popular young actors. 24-year-old Ivan
Jankowski (son of Philip Yankovsky and Oksana Fandera) played another major role, this time in his debut film
Hope Witelski “Source”. His hero is a typical inhabitant of a modern
metropolis, a visitor to the fashionable clubs. Thanks to his older brother, the owner
a large construction company, he may comfortably exist and to live it.
Once Ivan (the so-called hero of the film) meets a pretty girl Alyona (Valentina
Koleva), living in the woods, and his life start to happen real miracles.

“Valya studied together in GITIS, only different
courses. So, when we saw each other at the audition, was very happy, told 7days.ru
Jankowski, Jr. — She’s sweet, wonderful, and for this role lies with the
the meaning of the content, which should be the heroine. Generally, the casting in this
the project is an absolute success. Roza Khairullina, Paul DeLong, Alexander Rapoport…
Each in his place”.

Ivan Jankowski and Valentina Koleva

Photo: photo courtesy of the film company Solis Movie

Ivan admits that the shooting of “Source”, the full
mystics, coincided with the situation in his own life. “My hero is such
tossing soul and due to some circumstances she can’t find herself. You
like live a good life, you have everything goes like clockwork, but you find yourself not
can. I myself at this moment was in a sort of search and this story,
this hero were close to me. I was wondering what this character will come in
the end. I’m using your character, in fact, dealt with yourself. My hero
in the course of history changed. He lost everything, was closed from the world, from life. It
attracted by the fact that this girl, Alena, unearthly, out of home, out of home logic.
If the character in the home, from there it can pull out only a metaphorical way
women, mother, nature, which carries with it love. He began to thaw,
as Kai in “the Snow Queen” from the presence of Gerda.

Many scenes were filmed in the Orel region, where he went in
the motion picture expedition record command “Source”. “A lot of it was all flying animals.
Swamps, mud… All really rad. But, in a good way, it gave
shooting such a good drive. On the pad I was holding the cub, seen
bear, owl. We all understand that you need to enter the contact with wild nature, otherwise
she’ll kill us both, destroy. In the early days it was hard. But then when we already
got into a rhythm, we were left alone all these gadflies, bees, flies, — says Ivan Jankowski. Was still heavy
the scene in the pond when my character vision. Had to jump in the water key,
and it’s freezing, degrees five or six only. And this shift, in addition to all, we shot
in cloudy weather. We had to swim, jump, dive. But we
you did it!”

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