Анна Седокова осмелилась показать себя без макияжа
35-year-old mother of three children Anna Sedokova is constantly under the scrutiny of fans.

Анна Седокова осмелилась показать себя без макияжа

They want to know who actually helps Anna to be so strong, sexy and charming. Is there could do without men?

Анна Седокова осмелилась показать себя без макияжа

But, according to the most Sedokova, in good shape to keep her children and work.

At the moment Anya is located in Los Angeles, where he posted a selfie without makeup and signed it so:

“In LA I almost painted. Lip pencil, tint and highlight to the cheekbones. There is a special rhythm. I’m always with the baby, and the Jacuzzi is not particularly useful. Today I woke up at 6, fell asleep at 2. Log in to your usual rhythm of life.)
Today I want to sunbathe a little while, but the sun is not really shining and to go to Cat Cafe. Cafe, where a lot of cats sitting together and if you want to take then one, but, I think, because of legislation and the treatment of animals, there is not so easy to do )

And yet, I’m dying my favorite Japanese food. It is the most delicious in LA. Can take your cat and go to a sushi bar?”.

A great fun life. A favorite work, health, sexuality, children, which is to feed, clothe and entertain, what more could you need?

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