Анна Седокова гордится располневшей фигурой The actress refused to diet. Anna Sedokova decided to accept myself for who I am. She no longer intends to lose weight and came to the conclusion that a woman’s beauty does not depend on the volume and parameters.
Анна Седокова гордится располневшей фигурой

In early April, the singer Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time. The artist did not long remain on maternity leave and quickly went to work to the delight of fans. Despite the fact that a celebrity wanted to part with the extra pounds that she gained during the waiting of the son of Hector, to lose weight, she managed not to end. In desperation she decided to accept myself for who I am. She decided to break with the stereotype that a beautiful woman must be skinny.

“I love your plus ten pounds. Love my body after Hector and do not want to sit on diets and to suffer because of its completeness. Well, can’t I be thin and languid, with a sad knowing face. It’s someone else, I’m not. And I love my shape, love my body. For me to sleep comfortably,” wrote Sedokova in the microblog.

Fans were delighted with the decision of Anna. They thought of her words are very wise and advised her to always stay natural. Moreover, the fans have recognized that the extra pounds they are not even seen – many might envy the figure of the artist. “Great! A woman with a capital letter. An example to follow!”, “Why no one had written these Golden words? Thank you, Anne, for your openness and candor. You beauty, of which search is necessary, Yes.”, “Perfect! So much better, plus 10 pounds only improved forms of sexuality and femininity,” wrote a follower.

Earlier in the week, the third of July, Anna has released the first clip after the baby is born. She appeared before the camera in a rather skimpy outfits that emphasized delicious forms of the artist. Fans liked that Sedokova felt comfortable on video. Anna Sedokova showed appetizing forms in a BDSM suit

“I don’t want to hide his sexuality – says the singer. – Don’t want to wear a neckline, because it’s not stylish or someone that would think. To be feminine and sexy is my nature. Everyone is their own. And the stereotypes imposed by society, the problems of the society”.

Anna believes that after childbirth the woman flourishes – becomes more desirable and opens up new facets.