Olga Buzova responded to insults of low intelligence

Ольга Бузова ответила на оскорбления о низком интеллекте The presenter believes that many do not have the right to make such statements. Olga Buzova admits that her brain works fine. The girl pleased with himself and the decisions that it takes.

Olga Buzova for a little time, a little more than ten years, has made a spectacular career from a simple participant “House-2” it has become a leading project, worked as a DJ, started manufacturing its own clothing lines, released a book soaked with perfume pages, and recently started to record songs and shoot videos.

Despite the fact that a celebrity tries to show himself in different guises, some believe that Olga does not deserve the fame and high fees. Moreover, someone considers Buzova minded. The actress tries not to take criticism to heart. Olga Buzova earned more than 30 million divorce

“You, who so confidently say that His blunt – you haven’t seen me even once, except on TV, did not communicate with me. And I have a great mind works, every minute creates some incredible ideas inside all boils. I’m happy!” – confessed to leading “House-2”.

Last year, the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova decided to seriously pursue a music career. She decided to show the audience a vocal and a few months of active creative activity has released six songs and filmed three music videos. However, not all are happy to watch her success. Some believe that Olga unfairly takes the place on stage. The actress was surprised when he heard unpleasant comments from other figures of show business, which she respected.

Despite the fact that against Buzova against some celebrities, the girl tries to ignore the negative feedback. She believes that the main measure of success is the reaction of the public. Olga believes in own success, as it tracks six times in a row became the leaders of sales on the Internet. The celeb admits that she is still studying singing and dancing.

The presenter would like to thank my family and fans that support it. She told me that my mother is very worried when her daughter had to work until late at night and get up early in the morning. However, Buzova spares no effort to bring everything to perfection, and are even ready to sacrifice sleep and rest for a brilliant result.

“And I want to thank the few artists who decided to support me, don’t spit in my direction, saying, “FIE, she was a fool”, – said Olga in an interview with “Telenedelya”.