Анна Седокова и Максим Чернявский решили вопрос об опеке над дочерью Settlement agreement between the former spouses are finally signed. The mother of American businessman Maxim Cherniavsky Marina announced the happy news on his page on Instagram. Soon 6-year-old daughter Anna Sedokova going to see my mother.
Анна Седокова и Максим Чернявский решили вопрос об опеке над дочерью

Anna Sedokova and Maxim Cherniavsky divorced after two years of marriage in 2013, and mutual claims were made only last year. Then the actress said that the businessman wants to take away her daughter Monica and deprived of parental rights. The decision of the latter court, the mother and child met in the presence of social workers, because Anna is not a US citizen. Lawyers worried that the star could uvesti child.

But former spouses managed to resolve the conflict and negotiate. As the mother of Marina Chernyavskaya, the settlement agreement is finally signed, and soon Sedokova will see your daughter again. Moreover, apparently, Anna is preparing for her daughter a big feast in honor of his birthday. Where is the celebration in Cyprus, where the girl is flying to grandma’s, or in Moscow, where her mother is still unknown.

“Happiness is and I’m also very happy, a settlement agreement was signed! Monica is already in the plane, flying to Cyprus to me. And July 19 will be a big celebration, Monet, 7 years old, and mom is preparing to celebrate. I’m sure it will be something big for Tiny, her mom is able. I think you’ll see it all on her page. Thanks to everyone who helped me, supported, however, it was difficult for me, thank you very much, good for you,” wrote Marina Chernyavskaya.
Анна Седокова и Максим Чернявский решили вопрос об опеке над дочерью

According to the comments of the Marina, under this agreement, the custody was shared equally between the parents. “Final text of the agreement, I have not seen, but, you know, custody 50: 50, to learn of Mona will be in the USA, no monitors in meetings with the mother, the holidays, mostly with my mother,” wrote Cherniavsky.

Anna was very worried due to the fact that she was not allowed to see his daughter. The star had to spend a lot of money on lawyers. “No Monica I’m incredibly difficult, it’s like breathing with one lung. I have all her pictures and drawings… On the phone screen saver, where we are all together. Most worried that Moni is growing away from her brother and sisters, watching as he began to walk in Huck, she only saw him when the baby was three months old, was not present at the final concert of Alina. And I can’t give her everything that should be,” – said the star.