Анна Нетребко поделилась эпатажным селфи
Opera diva showed what it looks like in the morning.

Anna Netrebko

Photo: @Instagram anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko has demonstrated a great irony. The singer posted on Twitter a selfie taken as she confessed, not a good morning. In the photo she tried to make fun of something, as sometimes can look like girls when you have a bad day.

The picture was amusing and shocking. Like this 44-year-old Anna never appeared before the General public. Viewers accustomed to the consistently exquisite image of the singer, to whom she remained true, even in everyday life. Unkempt hair and funny grimaces on the face of an Opera diva made her laugh fans.

Anna well, you laugh in the morning! And then all the photoshop, view select! Thanks for the humor and mood!”, “Just endless admiration! Queen’s are not ugly!”, “This morning probably familiar to all!” “It is the morning! The irony is our everything!” “A woman without complexes! These photos say about the confidence!” commented funny selfie fans.

By the way, Anna surprised subscribers no less bold outfit. She appeared in the mini showing perfect legs. Many have noticed that lately Netrebko noticeably lost weight. Diva looks several sizes smaller than she was before.

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