Anna Netrebko has dyed her hair green

Анна Нетребко покрасила волосы в зеленый цвет
Fans of the star took the original change in the image of the singer with great enthusiasm.

Anna Netrebko

Photo: Instagram

Anna Netrebko is not afraid to experiment with the image: on the eve of an Opera diva delighted fans by posting a photo,
where you posing with a new, very unusual hair color. Star
colored hair in a rich green!

Fans showered the idol with compliments. “What a beautiful! This color suits you!
Great! — they wrote. There were those who decided kindly to a joke. “And the sloth
this color from nature! Their fur is overgrown with algae and becomes green
color!” — demonstrated knowledge one of the fans. However, the color Anna
just a few days. Netrebko decided to become a “mermaid” only for a while —
after a popular holiday Helloween.

Admired members of the personal microblog of the singer and her
a slender figure. Recall that about five months ago, Anna lost ten
pounds. Then Netrebko told me that not sitting not any hard diet
and lost weight through a balanced diet and stress at work.