Анна Михайловская рассекретила имя сына The actress a year kept me wondering. Anna Mikhailovskaya admitted to fans named their first child, talking about the holiday which she and her husband staged in honor of the first birthday of the son. Heir to the stars is old Russian name.

      Анна Михайловская рассекретила имя сына

      Actress Anna Mikhailovskaya betrayed the secret, which she kept for a year since the advent of her son to the light. Known for the fact that she does not like to disclose details of family life, the star of the show “Junior” accidentally told how naming your firstborn. Anna Mikhailovskaya was published in the microblog photo with the celebration of the birth of a baby – July 6, heir of the actress and her husband, Timothy Karataev turned one year old. The picture shows the happy family posing on the background of the huge letters, which composed the name of the hero of the occasion – “Merose 1”. And the post with the story about the feast of Anna Mikhailovskaya was accompanied by the same hashtag “Мироше1”.

      However, fans speculated what the name formed by the name of Mirosa Miron or Miroslav. But more knowledgeable in the Affairs of Anna Mikhailovskaya reported that her son’s name is, it is Miroslav and Mirocha, diminutive, the boy called his family. The actress these opinions have not commented on, because the publication of pictures from the birth of her child for her act very brave.

      Анна Михайловская рассекретила имя сына

      Anna admitted that before the triumph of the son was worried stronger than before his wedding. The organisation of the festival was entrusted to professionals, and the result of the star was satisfied.

      “It seems to me that before the wedding I worried a lot less than before my son’s birthday. But as soon as I walked in and saw all the beauty, excitement immediately vanished. Everything was exactly as we wanted, even better. It was so beautiful and so much fun. The kids were in awe of the shows. Even the youngest guests of the festival took part in the competitions,” shared Anna Mikhailovskaya.

      Note that the actress is one of those star moms who did not stay in the decree, and chose to combine the upbringing of your child and active. Anna Mikhailovskaya came out of the decree

      Just a month after the birth of her son Mikhaylovskaya is back on the set of the series “Junior”, to take part in the third season of the popular series. Exit from the decree to work the stars of the TV series “Junior” and “Mannequin” in such a short time was scheduled. In an interview during pregnancy Anna said that he will be able to organize all so that to combine motherhood and career.

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