Анна Меликян ждет ребенка? The famous Director was intrigued guests possible pregnancy. Anna Melikyan appeared at a social event in a blouse with a peplum. The celebrity tries to keep his personal life under seven locks.

      Анна Меликян ждет ребенка?

      On the eve of the famous the film-makers gathered for the prestigious award organized by Association of producers of cinema and television. Famous film Director Anna Melikyan could not deprive the attention this a social event. On the evening of celebrity came to an elegant outfit – a black lace pencil skirt and blouse with a peplum. It is noteworthy that this style brought some fans on the idea that a famous Director is expecting a child. In order to clarify the situation, “StarHit” appealed to Melikyan personally.

      “I do not comment on questions, I answer questions about the movie,” – said Anna “StarHit”.

      Interestingly, in my personal life Melikyan tries to inform the public. Not so long ago the Director of successful film “About love” are often seen in the company of the oligarch Danil Khachaturov. During the premiere of her paintings of lovers sat and tenderly held hands. And then Anna and Daniel, along with friends and colleagues decided to celebrate the success of the film. Throughout the evening, the businessman and the Director looked absolutely happy – they gave a toast, kissed, hugged and left the event together. And to the car Khachaturov told the new darling in her arms. I must say, now the new beloved Melikyan provides financial support to its projects.

      Apparently, Khachaturov invests quite successfully. Picture of Anna Melikian “About love” received the award “Golden eagle” as best film of the year. The budget of the movie amounted to 55 million rubles. Anna was openly declared that her plan was realized thanks to the support of her beloved. Anna thanked the elect because he was able to provide financial support and her picture could see the audience on the big screen.

      We will remind that in September of last year, the owner of the insurance company divorced his wife, a famous designer Ulyana Sergeenko. I must say that the former spouses shared growing up the daughter Vasilisa. By a court decision, the girl remained to live with mum and the father will pay child support for the child. However, despite the vast fortune Khachaturov, his heir he will give 100 thousand rubles.

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