Anna Kournikova for the first time showed his “pregnant” belly!

Анна Курникова впервые показала свой «беременный» животик!
View Anna “in position” led her fans into raptures.

Anna Kournikova

Photo: @Instagram annakournikova Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova has pleased their fans by sharing with them
remarkable photo, which it was captured with already quite a big belly. Seeing him, the fans of the girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias,
made their disputes, not ucigasa since then, as Anna gave birth to twins Lucy and
Nicholas at the end of last year. The fact is that because none of them
saw kournikova pregnant, many suspected that she was not
nurtured their children, which is now referred to as “his
the rays of light”, and assigned it to a surrogate mother. Now, after the publication of
picture, the proponents of this theory have been forced to shut up.

As for Anna, she looks in the photo, which was shared with
fans, just amazing. Especially when you consider that, according to the signature under
the image was taken when Kournikova was already in the 37th week of pregnancy,
that is, was about to give birth! View Anna provoked her enthusiasm
fans. “What sports beremenosti!” — admired one of the fans having
in mind and trim figure, and sporting a t-shirt Kournikova. “Looks great!” — said another. “It’s just incredible!” commented the third.

We recall that Anna and Enrique, who began Dating in 2001, became parents for the first time
it became known in December last year. And this news was a real
surprise: after all, no one even suspected that Kournikova is expecting a baby. While parents never shared a photo on which was depicted all the members of their family. But showed their twins separately. Recently, however, Enrique has shared his picture, which you can see Lucy and Nicholas — but, alas, only from the back…