Анну Хилькевич вовлекли в финансовый скандал The actress complained to the followers that became the victim of fraud. According to Anna Khilkevich, after the loss of a passport to her colleagues began to receive calls from the banks in which she allegedly issued loans.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Anna Lee confessed to his fans on the social network that he was in a difficult situation. The actress decided to talk about what happened, since tuned her microblog the following is about five million people, and some of them will undoubtedly be able to support any useful advice. Lee often receives from followers recommendations about parenting or the choice of the country for vacation. This time the artist decided to listen to as they fought with the scammers.

      “On the eve of the New year miracles happen, and I have it happened: I lost the purse from the bag (lost or stolen – history is silent). It contained my passport, driving license, car documents and all credit cards. All would be nothing, the card was reissued, the documents were restored on return from Thailand… But after two months suddenly started calling my colleagues looking for me. But calls is not simple, and gold, from banks, like I got loans and not give up. The police on lost documents I turned 21 Dec and credits “won” the 22nd number. It turns out a little off. Only my post is not really about that. My question is: how do you banks that give out loans in a foreign passport? Not checking a statement with passport photo?” – surprised Anna.

      According to Lee, leaving this treatment on the social network, she hoped that the representatives of the credit organisations will read it and will contact the Director of the artist, to settle all questions. Members noted that many fraudsters are glued into the passport, new photo and take it to the credits. Some users have proposed solutions to the issue.

      “If the Bank does not agree, then the court”, “Problems with travel abroad can begin”, “There are more disgruntled employees who for a fee arrange a loan”, “Very unpleasant situation, hang in there, but the nerves you still have to pull,” he responded, according to a followers.

      By the way, Anna is not the first time gets into financial scandal. Earlier, the actress tried to settle the issue with one of the Moscow shops in which she bought the bag. At first glance Lee thought she bought not branded goods, and an imitation for a few thousand. However, later the representatives of boutique and Anna understood the situation.