Anna Khilkevich admitted that were injected with Botox

Анна Хилькевич призналась в том, что колола ботокс
Famous actress Anna Khilkevich repeatedly admitted that he never used the services of plastic surgeons.

Анна Хилькевич призналась в том, что колола ботокс

Recently, the actress decided to talk about the fact that 25 years started to inject Botox. Of course, not without unpleasant consequences after beauty shots.

Анна Хилькевич призналась в том, что колола ботокс

“I’ve been injecting Botox since I was 25. Just a little bit, as I have movable facial expressions forehead, and I absolutely had nothing to do with it. Not so long ago I injected the drug into the area around the eyes. I was advised such a procedure specialist, saying that it will help to remove the fine spiderweb of wrinkles. The doctor persuaded me to inject Botox not only in the skin near the outer corners of the eyelids, but also under the eyes to reduce muscle tension and avoid wrinkles in this area.

Not only that, the first three days I went with a distorted face, this is normal… But then when the swelling’s gone down, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, I could not smile! Because a smile was feigned, the view became very angry. As a result, I called the same doctor and asked for some way to remove Botox. A lot of time and effort we spent to disappear. The withdrawal of the drug through the warm up, I was injected with a special drug that is usually prescribed to people with muscle paralysis,” — said in an interview with Anna.

Also, having once strongly regretted that appealed to untested beautician that was wrong with the drug and injected her with something that was meant for 45-year-old women.

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