Anna Kalashnikov refused to men

Анна Калашникова отказалась от мужчин On the day of his birth she was left alone with the main man. Anna Kalashnikov is upset that work takes a huge amount of time she could spend with her son Danya. For my own party, the actress set aside time to fully enjoy the contact with the child.
Анна Калашникова отказалась от мужчин

About the singer Anna Kalashnikova, the whole country found out when Prokhor Chaliapin said that leaving his wife Larisa Kopenkina to a striking brunette. Some began to call a girl a homewrecker. Despite the fact that they never were married, the image of the fatal beauty was fixed for Kalashnikova. This circumstance is very frustrating artist. As it turned out, in fact, is somewhat different.

“I am often perceived as a greedy male attention a pretty woman who just sleeps and sees how to meet with another gentleman. Alas, in reality things are a little different. 90% of my life takes work. I maybe would have been more happy to relax and travel. But I can’t”, she quips Anna.

The singer’s busy schedule was the reason for another of her family drama she rarely sees her son Danya. However, today the star has decided to postpone all Affairs and in honor of his own birthday allow yourself to get away from the worries and spend the holiday as wanted. She abandoned the noisy celebrations, to stay alone with his son.

“I work a lot, and I have a lot of responsibility, so not enough time for full communion with his beloved son. I really miss my baby. But the birthday I have decided to make a Royal gift. I drop everything and fully devote time to child. This day we spend alone together. I walked and played on the Playground. Went to the Park and watched his beloved football. And June 14 is the world Cup. Dan, it is waiting for. For the cradle loves balls, great playing himself and enjoyed watching run on the field athletes. So sure, we will not be bored”, – admitted the singer “StarHit”.
Анна Калашникова отказалась от мужчин

Three-year-old Danny congratulated the mother by giving her a gift made with your own hands. Anna was touched to the core. She was glad that the baby has a craving for creativity. “Honestly, I always thought that I would promote a son in sports so I have very active. But maybe I’m wrong, and the son lost Picasso” – says Kalashnikov.