Анна Калашникова решилась на пластику груди The model plans to increase the bust. According to Anna, she had long dreamed to become the owner of more luxurious forms. The operation will take place in the near future. Kalashnikov regains strength and we believe that with the new breast size, she will be more likely to find a mate.

      Actress and model Anna Kalashnikov is preparing for a difficult operation. According to the artist, she will soon be the owner of luxurious Breasts. Kalashnikov could not realize his dream, as at first she was expecting a son Daniel, and then fed him.

      Now, the actress has no obstacles to fulfill the desire. Anna thinks that will look much hotter with the new forms. A young woman wants to increase the bust up to the size of the fourth.

      “I always wanted big Breasts. But it was very difficult to find a good surgeon. After consulting with friends, I chose the specialist, Abakumov Alexander Mikhailovich. Was already with him at the reception. The doctor from the clinic Seline told how it went, and I picked up implants. We agreed that we’ll do “four”. The operation is scheduled for 22 January,” – said Kalashnikov “StarHit”.

      By the way, a young woman not afraid of surgery as she has had to undergo several procedures to change appearance. Anna corrected cheekbones and nose. “Now I’m happy with my face,” said Kalashnikov.

      At the moment, the model enjoying the vacation in the United Arab Emirates and gaining strength for the upcoming surgery. 32-year-old star intends to radically change your life this year. Kalashnikov is looking for a man whom she could marry.

      “Honestly, I was desperate to find love. I decided to let will handle this case specialist. Met with Rose and realized she. Understands everything, understands psychology and knows who I need. Our views have converged. For me it is important that the man was older than me. I need a responsible man who loves children, will be able to take my son and want more kids. I still dream of at least two – a boy and a girl. His character was supposed to be hard. So I want that the man could stop me, guide”, – confessed Anna.

      At the end of January Kalashnikov ready to go on a first date with the candidate for a husband. The young woman hoped that the new man will surround her with care and love. Fans of Anna think that she will get lucky and she’ll meet the perfect man.