Анна Калашникова призналась, кто настоящий отец ее ребенка The model said that Prokhor Chaliapin initially was aware of the whole situation. Anna Kalashnikova was very upset when the musician was listening to the results of the DNA test. She was hoping that he would come like a man and rip the envelope from forensics.

      Анна Калашникова призналась, кто настоящий отец ее ребенка

      May 24 was to be held the beautiful wedding of Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova. However, once in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” were announced the results of a DNA test, it turned out that Prokhor Chaliapin is not the biological father of one-year-old Daniel.

      Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      Anna tried to convince her lover that the examination was carried out incorrectly and called the groom not to succumb to provocation. However, Kalashnikov decided to make excuses and reappeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”, to tell the truth. The model said she did not hide from Prokhorov that he may not be the biological father of the child.

      “I originally was very straightforward and honest – he knew everything. He when my parents gave my word, accepts it as it is. The probability was that this child was not his – 50 to 50. And he knew from the very beginning and said that it was his baby and promised never to raise this issue”, – has shared Anna.
      Анна Калашникова призналась, кто настоящий отец ее ребенка

      Kalashnikov told about her groom’s vows that the secret of the paternity of the baby will remain only between them. She was surprised when Chaliapin quietly listened to the DNA results, which were announced to the whole country. The model was sure that Prokhorov will not allow anyone to know their secret, and tear the envelope.

      Anna Kalashnikov is not recognized in connection with other men

      Anne frankly admitted the fact, who actually could be the father of the child.

      “I met a man, he was older than me, a man of business. We lived together. He loved to spoil me and really wanted me to make a beautiful anniversary. I threw a party, invited friends, media, colleagues. And on June 13 I Wake up – I have flowers and this box, and in it a ring with diamonds, sapphires stone with almost five carats. And a note that said: “I can’t be with you this day, I have problems, I need to leave,” admitted the Kalashnikov.

      Anna said that this day her boyfriend broke off with her. And on the occasion she met Prokhor Chaliapin. He was to her was a breath of fresh air. Some time later, Anna realized that she was pregnant. But, according to her, Chaliapin was immediately warned that I’m not sure if this is his heir.

      Анна Калашникова призналась, кто настоящий отец ее ребенка

      In the Studio there was a friend of Prokhor Chaliapin, the writer Lena Lenina. She said that she had heard about the supposedly questionable character of Anna. However, Kalashnikov was outraged the allegations, saying that she has been abused these words. She finds herself a single mother who has to raise the baby. During the programme, Kalashnikova was a real hysteria. Through tears she said that now the parents chased her out of the house, declaring that it is a disgrace to the name.

      When Chaliapin did offer Kalashnikova, he gave her a gorgeous ring. But now the ex-fiancee of the musician intends to return the ornament back to the frustrated husband. However, Prokhor flatly turns out to meet her. The Studio came his brother, who gladly agreed to give her a gift in the house. But experts in the Studio did not allow him to do it, and advised Anna to personally convey the ring to her former fiancé.

      Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

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