Алексей Воробьев рассказал, чем его можно удивить в постели The singer will decide the fate of the two girls remaining on the Bachelor”. Sparrows will choose a future wife from the two finalists, Anosova Yana and Natalia Gorohovoj. The young man said, what kind of woman he wants, and how she should behave during intimacy.

      Алексей Воробьев рассказал, чем его можно удивить в постели

      In the coming weekend will be known the outcome of the project “the Bachelor” with the participation of Alexey Vorobyov. The young man will choose from the remaining two finalists, Anosova Yana and Natalia Gorohovoj the girl he would marry. This past weekend reality shows had left the Muscovite Natalya Tkalina. Finalist of “the Bachelor” Nataliya Tkalina: “Alex — not my man, and I’m not his woman”

      In one of the issues Alex spent the night with Jana, which caused a lot of conversations among other participants of “the Bachelor”. Sparrows considers that it is not necessary to restrain yourself if emotions and desire at some point going through the roof. The singer did not even mind that in these situations the girl may use profanity.

      “If the girl is swearing, so you deserve. So she can’t but to speak and Express their emotions. For me, a woman is a lady who knows how to control myself better than I do. And if she begins to speak in “three-storey” means, driven to the limit. In General, the variety and quality of rhetoric speech can not be an excuse to break up with a girl. Time loved this, then, love. Sometimes I even like to hear the Mat. For example, if she uses it to describe their feelings and emotions in bed! That is nice,” he shared his desires sparrows.
      Алексей Воробьев рассказал, чем его можно удивить в постели

      The musician notes that the project “the Bachelor” has changed him, some things in life, he began to look in new ways. Also during the show, he could never predict how will unfold events that will cause the girls a joy, but, on the contrary, will bring them to tears. “Before the project did not take into account the element of chance. Never thought in my life could go something completely wrong, as I had prearranged. There was to enjoy life for real. Thanks to “the Bachelor,” I suddenly realized that if letting go of everything that is happening around them, they begin to have fun. Each new dialogue and the meeting suddenly give joy,” – said Alexey in an interview Prozvezd.

      By the way, the musician to brace itself to release the clip, in which he embodied his dream of a family. Sparrows were married on the set of the video for the song “Happy today, I’m here”, and also managed to try yourself in the role of father. ^ Has excited fans of Alex and piques the interest of the audience to the show “the Bachelor”, the final of which will show on Saturday on channel TNT. Alexei Vorobyov married the finalist of “Miss Russia”

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