Анна Грачевская пригласила на свадьбу бывшего мужа The ex-wife of the founder of “Eralash” told about the details of the celebration. Alien superstitious fears, Anna Grachevskaya is choosing a wedding dress, along with her fiance, basketball player Artem Kuzyakina.

      Анна Грачевская пригласила на свадьбу бывшего мужа

      Popular TV presenter and former wife of the founder of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky Anna Grachevskaya these days preparing for the wedding with her partner, basketball player Artem Kuzyakina.

      30-year-old Anna dreams of triumph on the highest level, because, despite the fact that she is married she has managed to visit, the upcoming wedding – the first in her life. “Yes, everything will be as it should be, – said Anna Grachevskaya in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel. – A Banquet for 200 people, the bride, Gypsies and walk three days to remember. I’d be happy if triumph would come my ex-husband Boris Grachevskiy, to and for Vasilisa someone watching”.

      However, the Director “jumble” already declared that will not accept the invitation. For him the main thing now – three-year-old daughter Vasilisa, born in marriage with Anna. “I’ll walk with my daughter enough time, recently went with her on the show, she’s walked the runway in beautiful outfits, says about little Grachevskiy. And when Vasilisa was spending the night, I read her books, tales are told”. By the way, now that Anna Grachevskaya is preparing for the main celebration in your life, a three-Vasilisa more often from his famous dad.

      Анна Грачевская пригласила на свадьбу бывшего мужа

      For Anna is the number one issue – choice of bridesmaid dresses. Waving a hand to omen not to show wedding dress the bride before the wedding, she searches for him together with her future husband Artem. Selects Grachevskaya very picky, because she wants to look on the Day of the roses are just stunning. According to some reports, wedding organizers billed in three million roubles, and dress Anna chose a very expensive. “Let’s go, we don’t get stuck in a financial framework, says Grachevskaya. – I would like to go on a trip. Don’t let it be your honeymoon, but at least a week.”

      We will remind, that Anna and Tom met at a basketball game last spring, thanks to a common friend. Pretty soon the lovers decided to live together. Artem moved to Moscow from St. Petersburg and settled in a one bedroom apartment Grachevskoe that after the divorce, she purchased the former spouse. In November last year Kuzyakin made Anna an offer hands and hearts. He invited his lover to fly in a balloon. At an altitude of 450 meters above the ground Artem asked Anna to become his wife, and she said Yes.

      Анна Грачевская пригласила на свадьбу бывшего мужа

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