Russian girlfriend of Mel Gibson unhappy with the size of the alimony

Русская подруга Мела Гибсона недовольна размером алиментов The daughter of actor Lucia is growing and will soon go to school. Therefore, her mother Oksana Grigorieva will need more money for the girls. It requires Mel Gibson increase the amount of child support in five times.

      Русская подруга Мела Гибсона недовольна размером алиментов

      46-year-old pianist and singer Oksana Grigorieva demands from Hollywood celebrities amount exceeding the previous amount of support in five times. She filed a lawsuit against Mel Gibson.

      Ex-wife star received from him 20 thousand dollars a month for the upbringing of their total daughter Lucia, and now the woman says the cost increase Mel Gibson to 100 thousand dollars a month. Grigoriev connects with recent additional spending on the girls. According to mother, Lucia needs money to maintain its lifestyle, including travel, vacation, housing costs and protection.

      We will remind, it not the first complaint of the woman against the ex-spouse. In the previous it has made against Mel Gibson payout in amount of two tens of thousands of dollars. This amount particularly includes the fee for a house worth 2.5 million dollars, where Oksana and Lucia. By the way, the actor’s daughter is now six years old, and soon she will go to school, so the extra money is a former girlfriend of actor does not hurt.

      Romance Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva began in the early 2000s. Lucia was born in 2009. A year later, the couple decided to part ways, this time was the beginning of a protracted litigation between the former lovers. The falling-out between Gibson and Grigorieva occurred because of the infidelity of the actor, and the excessive abuse of alcohol. The actor repeatedly get drunk and beat his girlfriend. Led to a police investigation that proved the guilt of the actor. Mel Gibson had three years to spend for parole and perform community service. In addition, the star was forbidden to come close to Grigorieva’s daughter. Gibson and a friend pleaded for the right of guardianship, and the actor lost. After 2010 the star began to pay regular maintenance for his daughter, which over time has steadily increased. Original amount of costs Gibson to stay daughter was 5 thousand dollars a month.

      Earlier Oksana Grigorieva also met with British actor Timothy Dalton. From him a woman gave birth to a son, Alexander. According to rumors, the gap between Grigorieva and Dalton have occurred due to the fact that an actor the pianist chose Swedish businessman Peter Blomquist. According to journalists, Dalton pay child support in the amount of 2,5 thousand dollars.


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