Anna Banshchikova raising sons in severity

Анна Банщикова воспитывает сыновей в строгости Star of TV series “Bloodhound” does not indulge the whims of children. Anna Banshchikova considers itself more demanding towards the heirs than her husband. However, the actress never punishes and scolds the younger boys.

      Анна Банщикова воспитывает сыновей в строгости

      Star of TV series “Bloodhound” Anna Banshchikova and her husband Vsevolod have two sons – eight-year-old Misha and Sasha seven. The actress admits that she relates to their children is much stricter than her husband. Despite the rigidity in relation to the boys, Anna did not scold them and punish.

      “Can forbid to eat the sweet, play on the computer, drink a coke, or forced to watch Soviet cartoons, and daddy allows. After all, the man looks at the world as a whole, and we women eat the details. So our dad said: “Leave you kids alone,” admits Banshchikova.

      The actress believes that the most important thing is to give children a good education, and teach simple human things. Anna sure, parents should only guide their heirs. She is surprised that, despite the small age difference, the boys are absolutely at each other not similar. However, the younger son in the whole takes a cue from older.

      “Here we arrive at the restaurant, something we order. Sasha says, “Mom, I’ll be like Mike”. And he is always on the side of his brother, even if he is not right. Moreover, and convinces me that Misha always does everything right,” says the actress.

      During the first pregnancy, the actress continued to act in films. And just a couple months after the birth of the boy she had to get back to work. The shooting took place in another city and in order not to worry for his son, the actress took it with him. As it turned out, a colleague of hers also had a small child, so young mothers even organized a special room.

      “While I was in the frame, with Misha sat mom. Son always wanted to eat, so they often called me crying. Because of us, young mothers, the filming process, of course, was delayed. And directed sometimes dissatisfied complained: “So what do you want, we have two lactating women!” – Anna remembers in an interview with Woman’s day.

      The actress remembers that the eldest son was never jealous of the parents to the younger. When the actress was returning from the hospital, Mike was prepared for the younger brother a gift.

      Banshchikova not dreams of the heirs have followed in her footsteps and chose for himself the profession of actors. While children are not interested in the film-making process and do not even like coming to the set. And when the eldest son offered to star in a movie, he refused.

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