Anna Ardova celebrated your wedding anniversary divorce

Анна Ардова отметила фарфоровую свадьбу разводом
The actress officially divorced with Alexander Shavrina.

Анна Ардова отметила фарфоровую свадьбу разводом

Anna Ardova and her husband Alexander Shavrina decided to leave after 20 years of marriage. This year, the couple had to celebrate your wedding anniversary, but instead the star of the show “One for all” has filed for divorce. Reportedly, it was Anna was the initiator of the breakup.

Ardova, unlike many stars, did not make “dirty linen in public”. About her divorce, which, incidentally, has officially entered into force on the first of March, known only to a few intimate friends of the couple. Former spouses continue to maintain cordial communication, as for two decades of marriage, Anna and Alexander were family men. For example, recently former spouses together with their children spent a vacation in Montenegro.

The first divorce Ardovs with her husband, by the way, recognized her children: daughter Sonya (from the first marriage of Anne) and common with Alexander the son of Anton. “When Anya and Sasha still put the final point in the relationship, then immediately reported it to the children. They had hid nothing, and this time would not be silent. Parents spend a lot of time with his son and daughter, has maintained friendly relations. After all, for so many years lived together – native people!” — quoted friend of the family StarHit.