Anita Tsoy begging Igor Nikolaev’s songs

Анита Цой выпрашивает у Игоря Николаева песни
The singer wants to get hit by a famous author.

Anita Tsoi and Igor Nikolaev

Anita Tsoy has always been one of the hardest working
artists in our show business. It never do yourself any favors, always
demanding of himself and does everything with 100 percent efficiency.

These qualities are even
again stressed in his congratulatory message to Instagram, Igor Nikolaev, saying that even in his day
birth singer gives a concert in Ulyanovsk. “Anitacska! Happy Birthday! You
of course, bee — plow and plow, well done! An example for us, an idle and lazy
artists! — says Nikolaev. And even in
such a day — a concert too! Bravo! Light Ulyanovsk (in a good way!)
Greetings and congratulations to the family!”

Anita Tsoy is not lost on greetings from the Maestro replied
compliments in his address. As Choi said that for 20 years standing in line
from artists to Nikolaev wrote her a song, a masterpiece that would be loved
the public.

“You’re a talented author. Your songs in the heart
many years! I’m in line for you for 20 years! When you write for your
little Korean stars?” — asks the singer.