Анисина рассказала всю правду про развод с Джигурдой!
The skater explained that actually happened yesterday in court.

Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda

Photo: Starface.ru

Marina Anisina explained to his fans that actually yesterday was divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda. Another day back skater wrote that gave the opportunity to the wife to withdraw the divorce action. But it turned out that the phrase “given the chance” was written Anisina those not just. Dzhigurda really had a chance to “cancel” the divorce process, but he did not.

Marina says that she recently learned that her husband was slandered and actually orgies, drugs and cheating attributed to the showman, was not. She decided to give him a chance to fix it and set a condition: if Nikita will appear in court at the appointed hour she will cancel the divorce. If he doesn’t come, then no.

“The divorce took place, despite the fact that I found out about the lies against Nikita. Antonina is a former Director of Dzhigurda, with no rights, posing as “press” and “advocate” Nikita continues to spread lies and rumors using our name and brand not owning real information! At least with 2.10.2016 not use marijuana and never had sexual orgies! A few days ago, Nikita got a call from the DNR and asked to withdraw the complaint for divorce. I promised that when the chair will come to court, I’ll call my lawyer and say that he withdrew the suit. Nikita has not appeared! The divorce took place! All that is done — is done for the better!” — said Nikita.

This detractors of the couples during the scandalous divorce of the star couple appeared a lot, sure: the “trick” with the divorce — another PR stunt. Many of them assume that, after some time, the chair will again require the abolition of divorce. The lawyer Anisina — Sergei Zhorin said that he has received no Marina no indication of the withdrawal of the claim and he did not understand why the skater has published a record that intends to cancel the divorce with Dzhigurda. Zhorin said that at this point in the epic divorce couples come to an end: the couple divorced.