ЗВЕРИ выступят в Зеленом театре Парка им. Горького

18 June 2016 ANIMALS will present a spectacular show and will play songs from all records.

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The team of foreign specialists have already begun to develop programs for grandiose open air. Great sound and set design, large-scale video decorations will enable each spectator to feel inside the show. And in combination with the best hits of the ANIMALS concert in the Green theatre promises to be one of the most exciting events this summer.

Each song will be accompanied by original visuals. The audience in new ways will feel familiar and favorite hits of the ANIMALS, and new songs will become even closer and more understandable to the public.

“Concert in the Green theater we were preparing six months, says Roma Beast. — First there were the sketches show, then we conducted a live rehearsal with the correction light in the virtual space, then rented a hall, where he built all the scenery of the Green theatre and staged dress rehearsal of the show. Worked all: musicians, technicians, management. The result of our work can be seen on June 18”.

In the Green theatre of the Park. Bitter audiences can expect a two-hour program, consisting of the best songs from all albums of the group the ANIMALS: “Hunger”, “Districts-Quarters”, “When we are together, nobody cooler”, “More”, “Muse”, “one on One” and “no Fear”. And most importantly – a colorful show!

Where: the Green theatre of the Park. Bitter, street the Crimean Shaft, 9.

When: 18 June, 20:00.

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