For the buoys: journalists met on a Sailing mediarelate

За буйки: журналисты встретились на Парусной медиарегате

The staff of popular publications has mastered water sport and competed for the main Cup competitions.

In early June, the brave staff of popular publications took part in the IV Sailing mediarelate held in the water area of the Pirogovsky reservoir. By tradition the competition was held in the Moscow yacht club “gals”. In order to confidently keep to win, the participants have previously mastered the basics of ship control from steering a sailing school “Sportpilot” and was applied to the skin sunscreen Lancaster, who are not afraid of water.

Note that this year for the main Cup competition fought eight ships. The race was tense – learn the sport of yachting has shown impressive results. In the end, it’s the first place Cup and medals were won by the team, which consisted of a team of staff Women’s Network. All participants were awarded memorable prizes and Lancaster sunscreen, ideal for practicing water sports.

Home tired but happy athletes have taken an UBER car. By the way, until the end of July Lancaster and UBER are conducting a joint action “Went to the beach!”: Lancaster2016 promo code for new UBER users will receive a discount of (400 rubles) for the first trip.

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