Анджелина Джоли рассказала о съемках в «Малефисенте» и новом супергеройском фильме

On October 18 of this year on wide screens will be released the second part of “Maleficent”. The full title of the film “Maleficent: mistress of the dark”. About work in the fantastic film adaptation, and the nature of the main character was told by her singer Angelina Jolie. The actress also shared information about his new film – the superhero film “Eternal”.

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о съемках в «Малефисенте» и новом супергеройском фильме

The first part of “Maleficent” was released in 2014, when the movie became the most successful in commercial terms for Angelina Jolie. It grossed almost $ 760 million. According to the actress, she has now taken the role of “dark” fairies, because she liked the role, because every woman is inherently a witch.

I like this role. Every woman has something of a witch. Also we actors became friends when they starred in the first part. And I miss you. It was great to see everyone again. Elle fanning, who plays Aurora, was in 2014 a teenager and now she is 21. She is growing up. My daughters love her very much. Sam Riley in January 2014, the child was born. He then raced home after each shoot, and now leads to the site of his son. The sense of family was present constantly. I like it, — said Jolie.

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о съемках в «Малефисенте» и новом супергеройском фильме

Also in the new movie will star and 61-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer, with whom, during the filming of Angelina became friends, fell in love with Michelle and the kids Jolie:

Michelle is an amazing woman and a great actress. I love it. We became very close and often spent time together after filming. And my kids liked it.

During the filming was not without its amusing incidents, especially during the imposition of the complex make-up.

— By the way, a grim one funny episode. It was almost six years ago, when we shot the first part of “Maleficent”. I decided to play a trick on my kids. And appeared in full makeup and outfit of the heroine. Thought it would be fun. But one of my Chad was frightened in earnest. I won’t say who it was. The others looked at me with reproach. They began to laugh. I quickly took off his headdress with horns and wailed: “I’m your mother! All right, it’s mommy.” After this incident, wondered why Maleficent is so terrible? I think I understand. She is a woman. In children it is unconsciously associated with the mother. And they’re very scary. Put yourself in the place of the child, when suddenly he sees the mother turns into a witch, a demon.

After this incident, the actress stopped to play children in order not to hurt their psyche.

A prankster turned out I did not. But the children after the case urged on me constantly. This happens whenever I’m trying to be strict with them. They begin to explain something or to require them to perform is not very pleasant errands, and then one of them makes a horrified look and says: “Mother, tell this terrible witch that she didn’t with us!” — said Angelina Jolie.

In the first part of “Maleficent” starred his own daughter Vivienne Jolie. According to the actress, the daughter would like to play the role of Princess again, but the plot is not provided.

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о съемках в «Малефисенте» и новом супергеройском фильме

— She still can not forgive me for what I made her a pink Princess. We need to settle this little conflict. Besides, it seems to me that Vivien is still too young to think about a career in the movie (laughs).

We will remind, on August 24 in the us city of Anaheim, California passed kinokontakt D23 of the company “Walt Disney Studios”, which was presented to the new projects of the Studio. One of them was the long awaited sequel to the fantasy film “Maleficent”, the star of which was Jolie. To exit at the premiere of a movie Angelina chose a fitted black dress from luxury brand, “Versace”.

Also, the actress spoke about working in the new project from kynoselen marvel — superhero film, “Eternal”:

— I have actually a major role. This is tena, one of the representatives of a race of Immortals. They are sent to Earth to protect humanity from another race of deviants. Simply put, this is another fantastic story of the struggle between Good and Evil. And I’m on the side of Good (laughs). Again I like to feel strong and resolute.

Jolie said that the role she would have to physically work for it. The actress has already started training:

The last time a similar role that I played almost ten years ago. It was the films “salt” and “Tourist”. So I have pretty sweat. I have been actively practicing. Have to say, I barely made. It seems, relaxed, lazy. But with each workout feel that I like it. Like to feel healthy aggression.

Preparing for the role samye help her loved ones – her children:

— They help me. Knox himself is fond of weapons. He likes cold weapon. And we are developing some of the techniques. Vivien is engaged in karate. When they see how the mother is trying to match, their is a lot of fun. But at the same time creates a spirit of competition. We go to train together. And it’s great.

Also, the actress noted that over the years not disappointed in their profession. Again she likes to star in movies that can watch the children, which can go to the cinema with the whole family. This was one of the main reasons why Jolie agreed to cooperate with “Walt Disney”.


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